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2016 Calendars NOW AVAILABLE

My super mega (I hope you think they're) awesome 2016 calendars are now available for pre-order!!!

The calendar is limited to only 200 available and features ALL NEW high res images, includes a full sized print in the center and folds out to 11x17. Each calendar is individually numbered then signed, kissed, and personalized by this girl *points both thumbs back at self*!!

You should pre-order now because not only do all pre-orders get the digital version of the calendar for free...but the FIRST 25 PRE-ORDERS GET AN M. BISON SHADALOO PIN (just like the one I wore with my Bison Cammy cosplay) totes made by meeeeeee!!

Just like last year, there are three different bundle teirs available to choose from, so pick your poison and get me staring at you from your wall ALL YEAR LONG!!!

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