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Please Support Me on Patreon

Hey hey! I have one of those fancy-pants Patreon pages now!!

My Patreon page is all about upcoming cosplays and my goals to level up my costume crafting skills! But in the RPG of life, level-grinding is no fun alone. So I call on all of you orcs, dwarfs, paladins, druids, blood elfs, goblins and humans to help me complete my quest in making the most badass of cosplay armor and props this land has ever seen!!!!

In return for your gracious offerings, I have prepared many level based rewards; including such awesomery as: access to my private, Patreon-exclusive SnapChat, free monthly signed prints, exclusive polaroids, tshirts, amazing personal artwork drawn by me and bunches of other rad stuff!!!

Please go check out my Patreon page to support me in making my own badass cosplay armor and props!!!

Help me Obi-internet-Kenobi! You’re my only hope!

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