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Raychul Moore



It all began when I was a video game journalist writing regularly for GamePro and was the EIC at their sister site, GameGirl. I soon started my own video game focused YouTube and found myself doing more and more on-camera work as a host for various video game websites. My job has me going to different game events all over the country while hosting video coverage and interviewing developers, which seriously, is a f’n dream job come true, you guys.


When I don’t have a controller in my hand or I’m not talking into my webcam…I’m making costumes inspired by some of my favorite video game and comic characters ever. Cosplay is one of the hardest and most expensive passions I’ve ever had…but the pay off of putting on one of my costumes after weeks of hard work is 100% totally worth it. I’m constantly working on trying to better my work and level-up my skills, because it feels so good to see what I can accomplish.

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