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Join my GUILD WARS 2 guild!!!!

HEY!!! HEY YOU!!! Wanna be part of the coolest guild in all of Guild Wars 2?! Of course you do!!!

And the coolest part is Guild Wars 2 is now you have no excuse!! HA!

1. Download you some Guild Wars 2

2. Join the Devona's Rest server and add me: Raychul.4237

3. Join Team Pink (guild name change coming soon!)

4. Rule all of Tyria with me!!!

AWESOME!!! WELCOME TO MY FAVORITE MMORPG! Now that you love this game as much as I do...there is a new giant-mega-huge expansion coming out that will give us our own exlcusive Guild Hall that we can hang out in, customize and build up any way we want!! Hell yeah!

So go ahead and pre-order the new Heart of Thorns expansion, it comes out on Oct. 23rd! I'm on GW2 several times a week, but once the expansion comes out, I'll be on there daily. Because I'm obsessed.

I will be giving away 2 codes for 400 gems every month to guild members only!! So make sure you get in on dat, yo!!

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