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Limited Edition 2015 Calendars Are Here!!!!

2015 is almost here!! How will you ever remember what days you have plans on?! (pretend this is back when we didn’t have calendars on our phones)

Well oh boy, do I have just the thing! How about a limited edition 2015 calendar with pics featuring that girl who spells her name funny and dresses up in costumes?!

This year, I have 200 calendars for your eyeballs to look at…every day of the yeeeeaaaaar!!! Plus, for those of you who like to be fancy, I also have an upgrade bundle that includes an exclusive print that will not be sold anywhere…ever! And an even fancier bundle that includes the exclusive print aaaaannnnnd a personal polaroid I take just for you!! Those are gonna go FAST though because there are only 12 available. So yeah!

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