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Gamer, Writer, Cosplayer, Video Producer, YouTuber, Geek, Jedi Master

I am a video game addict, I make videos on YouTube and I enjoy prancing around in cosplay costumes. I also want to be a Jedi when I grow up.



Well hello there, person of the internets! *waves frantically* How is the weather in your series of tubes? Thank you for visiting my little page, my bubble of stuff on the web!


Who am I? You may ask. I am Raychul! Yes, THE Raychul! What that means to you, is probably nothing. But I play games! I actually get paid to play games! Game journalism has been a thing I could call my career since 2006. I used to write for GamePro and even managed a delightful site for them called GameGirl. Then moved on to game freelance, and have been published by sites like Machinima, EGM, GameZone and GotGame, among several others. Writing about games is just as fun as it sounds! But then people stopped reading and started watching! So off to game journalism video stuff I went!


I’ve been doing the hosting thing for a few years meow. What does that mean?! Oh, well it means I get hired to go to game conventions and interview developers about their games! I also do other con coverage and video game reviews on da Youtubes!! If that’s not your thing, no problem…I also do just gameplay videos over on my gameplay channel too! WHEEEEE!


Aaaaand, I just recently had a live video game-centric show on Machinima called Player vs Player! It was a weekly live debate show I co-host with Seth Hendrix and Dave Klein every Wednesday at 7pm PST on Twitch.tv/Machinima You catch past shows like PS4 vs XB One, Battlefield vs Call of Duty or SNES vs Sega Genesis on YouTube. YEAH!


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This is all terribly interesting, right?! Well let’s make it even more interesting!! On top of the gaming stuff…I cosplay too!! *head explodes* I’ve been cosplaying since like 2007…or was it 2006…oh, I dunno! But I tend to lean towards video game costumes and I also have a special place in my heart for cosplaying as female versions of male characters. Why? I dunno! I just find creating female characters out of male characters allows me to be even more creative. Or at least, I try to be more creative. :)


Check out my past cosplays in my gallery! *points up top to the menu bar*

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I don’t really have a “specialty game” or one particular game or genre I play, I tend to play just about everything, from MMORPG’s to shooters, to action/adventure to survival horror to racing games. Hell, I even find myself wasting hours away in adorable games like Animal Crossing (gotta get dem bells!).


Top 10 Favorite Games:

1. Uncharted series (and not just b/c I have a hardcore crush on Nathan Drake)
2. Bioshock (I adore all things Bioshock, but the first one holds a special place in my heart)
3. Borderlands 2 (vault hunter fo’ life)
4. Fatal Frame (scariest game ever!)
5. Eternal Darkness (we get a new COD every year, but still no Eternal Darkness sequel?!)
6. Silent Hill 2
7. Dragon Age: Origins
8. God of War series
9. Mass Effect series (Paragon all da way, baby!)
10. Conker’s Bad Fur Day (one of the best boss battles ever)
With some honorable mentions like: Minecraft, Shadow of the Colossus, Bulletstorm, Left 4 Dead, Portal, Overlord, Dishonored, Super Mario Bros 3, South Park, Stick of Truth, Guild Wars 2, Manhunt and Diablo.



– making obscure Star Wars references

– actin’ a fool on Twitter – @theRaychul

– obsessing over Nathan Drake

– watching more horror movies than probably recommended

– making YouTube videos that piss off fanboys

– collecting action figures

– rockin’ knee socks like no one else can.


For all inquires, or just to say “hi”, please email me at RaychulMoore@gmail.com.


Mail me pics of your pets!

Raychul Moore
3940 Laurel Canyon blvd. #295
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